What are the causes of dry eye disease?

Speaking of dry eye disease, presumably most people in a long time after using mobile phones, there will be dry eyes, in fact, has not reached the degree of dry eye disease so serious, but if it is always so excessive, one day there will be real dry eye disease.Dry eye disease in professional terms, is the conjunctiva tissue lesions, resulting in dry conjunctiva.So what's the cause of this eye disease?(https://eyesurgery.claritymedic.com/services/dry-eye/)

One, the tear gland seine secretion is insufficient.This can be said to be the most common reason, some people may be congenitally no tear glands, and for the elderly, it is because of the tear gland function is reduced, but for most people, is caused by improper eyes, blinking has a normal frequency, and the use of electronic products, will greatly reduce the number of blinks, resulting in insufficient secretion of tears in the eyes.So when you look at electronic products, you must take a break every forty minutes.(https://eyesurgery.claritymedic.com/services/floaters/)

Second, the oil secretion is insufficient.This is mainly due to eyelid disease, generally due to poor functioning of the eyelid glands.

Third, many people eat unbalanced, leading to vitamin A1 deficiency, or chronic conjunctivitis, resulting in insufficient secretion of the mucoprotein layer, may also cause dry eye disease.

Fourth, the working environment.Working in low humidity for long periods of time, causing tears to evaporate too quickly to be replenished in a timely manner, is another reason.Dry eye disease is too long, will cause eye shadow, the eye damage is very large.Therefore, we should pay more attention to dry eye disease, usually with the eye when more attention.

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