What parts of the room need home disinfection?

People live indoors to ensure that must be clean, no bacteria?In fact, not, it is best to regularly disinfect the home, so as to ensure the indoor living environment of health, so that people away from the threat of germs.Here's a look at which places in the room need home disinfection.

The first step is to disinfect the kitchen at home.The kitchen is the place where people usually cook, some kitchen waste should be dumped in time, leftovers should also be dealt with in time.For cutting meat and other plates to wash after each use to stand up naturally dry or hanging to dry.It is best to be hot with hot water regularly, usually once a week.And for the kitchen rags should also pay special attention, be sure to use each time after cleaning and drying.It is easy to breed bacteria if it is always wet.

The second is home disinfection of the bathroom.Wash the face in the bathroom towel to be regularly washed and disinfected, preferably every week with disinfected water soaked.If possible, it is best to cook with water every week for disinfection.Because the general bacteria can not survive in high temperature water.The toilet should also be flushed after each use, preferably before and after use with disinfectant cleaning.

People may have developed a habit of sterilizing their homes, but don't know how to wash their hands?What hand sanitizer is needed to wash my hands?In fact, the current market of alcohol hand fluid for hand washing is very effective.However, when selecting alcohol spherolets, be sure to pick ethanol-containing ingredients.If you can't buy, you can go to the pharmacy to buy ethanol and then go home for dilution, control in the concentration of about 60% of the best sterilization effect.

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