Piano tutor is very important to learn the piano well.

People regard the piano as the "King of Musical Instruments" because the piano has a wide range of sounds, is commonly used in solos, recitals, accompaniment, for composition and rehearsal music is very convenient.The piano consists of 52 white keys and 36 black keys and metal string plates.Being able to make a beautiful sound, so people are envious of people who can play the piano.If you want to play a good piano, the piano tutor is very important.

The piano is a keyboard instrument in Western classical music, invented by the Italians in 1709.Today has more than three hundred years of history, but learning piano is not only the learning of the people's own conditions are very high, the requirements of piano tutors are higher, only in this way can achieve good learning results.If there's no musical talent, or more importantly – without the talent for piano , you need to think twice about whether you want to pay twice.It's not that you can learn it with determination.Sometimes innate traits can also be a factor in the impact, such as people with longer fingers have an advantage in playing the piano, which is not only determined to learn well.

Playing the piano requires a lot of finger, and he's the same.If the finger is too short, it can be difficult to touch all the strings, it can't play hard, and you can't pop a beautiful sound.Knot he is also called the guitar, in fact, there is a more appropriate name, that is six strings, because usually knots he has six strings.He usually appears in popular music, rock music, folk songs, and his history is much longer than the piano, almost has existed for thousands of years, the earliest originated in ancient Egypt, Cuba Bilon and ancient Persian playing instruments, the development is still popular with many people.

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