Semi-automatic coffee machine is a professional coffee machine for coffee.

Now people like to do everything fully automated, such as fully automatic washing machine, as long as the clothes put in, after a while clothes can be taken out to dry out, in the laundry process does not need to do.For example, now driving, people buy self-row cars, in the driving process do not have to step on the clutch, only the car and throttle, driving has become simple, but some people also feel that the self-row car has reduced the fun of driving.In fact, on the likes of coffee drinkers, they also like semi-automatic coffee machine, so that the coffee is more than half the effort to keep some manual fun.( )

The semi-automatic coffee machine is relative to the fully automatic coffee machine, because the semi-automatic coffee machine needs to make coffee person to fill and press powder manually, you can according to their own taste to make coffee.And coffee drinkers like this semi-automatic coffee machine, they think that only can provide different tastes of the coffee machine is a professional coffee machine.( )

Although a better coffee machine is not cheap now, but in some western restaurants have a coffee machine, but also to facilitate people to drink coffee.Besides, eating Western food seems to have to drink a cup of coffee, so placing a coffee machine in the restaurant is also a necessity to enhance the restaurant's image and grade.However, the coffee machines placed in the restaurant are generally fully automatic and the coffee tastes are the same, unless you specifically order any special coffee.

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