Pet Cremation : Human and Pet Love

Humans belong to the group of animals, people can be alone, but ultimately need to accompany, people can accompany people, but in some cases, dogs can also become a faithful partner of mankind, loyal friends, and even together to the end partner.

People live with dogs, eat, play, sleep, get to know each other, comfort each other, and gradually become dependent on each other.On the network to see a lot of anecdotes about humans and dogs, loyal savior's story is numerous, human and dog anecdotes are really cute, very warm heart, "Loyal Dog Eight" is a very tear-jerking film, the human and dog feelings of the most vivid, moving.Of course, as a different species, dogs are also abused, and if they don't love them, don't hurt them.(

Dogs as people's friends, in human life more and more important, some people even regard them as children, but the life of dogs is only a few decades, and ultimately only our life passers-by, but the deep emotion makes pet body disposal into an industry, pet cremation and human cremation is the same respected ritual.Maybe we as different species, there are thousands of genetic gaps, but love is the language of everything.

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