What is the method of hemorrhoid sastorapy?

People now always say that some diseases are eaten out, some are now unfortunate liver, obesity, three higher, before some people although the material life is more boring, but these diseases are very few people.Now the material data is rich, but people are missing now there is a very healthy way, may enhance the physical fitness, prevent certain diseases.This method is the therapeutic meal, so look at how hemorrhoid scarpit therapy should be carried out?

In fact, if people in the daily diet to eat more foods containing coarse fiber, such as coarse grains, peeled fruits, fresh vegetables, etc. , can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance the metabolism of the power, so that there will be no constipation, it will also reduce the chance of hemorrhoids.Some people may like to eat spicy and stimulating foods, such as chili powder, mustard, ginger, etc., also like to eat some barbecue, fried food, these will lead to physical fire, increase the burden of obesity, increase the usual these things to eat less, this is the basic method of hemorrhoid sparing treatment.

If you do not use hemorrhoid sidoter treatment method, then once hemorrhoids will occur hemorrhoid bleeding, and every time the stool will be very painful, but not bleeding is very painful, serious hemorrhoids from the anus out, it will have to be surgically removed.So pay attention to hemorrhoids, away from hemorrhoids.

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