What are the conditions for immigration to the UK?These terms need to be understood

It is not known when the immigration epidemic has prevailed.Friends and classmates around gradually joined the immigration army.Some have relatives overseas, some are parents working relationships, and some are in order to get better education and development, and some are purely in order to get the superior treatment of great countries.

I know that immigration means not only a change in nationality, but also a different national treatment.But I don't know what immigrants need in today's society.For example, what are the conditions for immigration to the UK?Is it complicated?( https://www.yimin-visa.com/hk/united_kingdom_introduction )

In fact, there are many ways to immigrate, as long as one of them is satisfied and successfully obtained a visa, and then can successfully handle immigration.It is important to point out that immigrants move to the UK as investment migrants.

In order to attract high net worth individuals to invest in the UK, the British Government has opened up its policy to allow business people to join the UK market.So if you invest up to 2 million pounds in the UK, or buy equivalent shares and corporate debt, there is a chance to successfully immigrate to the UK.You also need to be at least 18 years of age, healthy and tb-free, and more importantly, have no criminal record both overseas and locally.If these requirements are met, you can successfully obtain British immigration.

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