Botox's thin face is the age of king road

Ancient fat for the United States, Yang Guifei drunk down a dynasties, and then people's aesthetic is also to a thick round face for the United States, people think that the solid body represents a kind of blessing, festive, slowly, people's idea of beauty began to change, people began to pursue slim, people on the face of slimness has reached the extreme.

Thin face needle is currently effective thin-faced method, thin face needle is divided into domestic and imported, on the comprehensive effect, imported baotox is relatively better, its diffusion will be smaller, avoid the drug effect on the muscles other than the bite muscle, will not cause facial stiffness, laughter and other side effects, the price is more expensive, But botox leanness is more popular because of its good results.

Will also very affect the overall face and mental outlook is the eye bag, eye bag will make the whole person appear very old, no vitality, eye bag formation is not only related to age, modern people over-use of the eye will also speed up the formation of eye bags, eye bags can effectively remove the eye bag, recovery is faster, does not affect people's daily life and work.

Small face is very beautiful, but if too bone sense, it will appear that the whole person is thin, lack of vitality, the right thin is the best.

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