Why did Playgroup Kowloon develop so well?

I believe that many people understand playgroup more about playing groups, when in fact playgroup is already a very good way to educate early childhood.In Hong Kong, playgroup Kowloon has achieved great success.Parents take their children to participate in parent-child activities, children can dance, can also do hand-drawn painting, and there are many toys for children to play, so that a place can let children know more friends, eliminate their loneliness.

With the development of society, the relationship between people is becoming more and more light, many children have no playmate.Even in large kindergartens such as The International Kindergarten, Hong Kong Island, it doesnot help children to get more friendships, where they are more required to learn more and more.

Kowloon area first launched the playgroup, and has developed very well, which has a direct relationship with its excellent tradition, has always been Chinese have a tradition of respect for the old and love of the young, this in Kowloon area is particularly prominent.Now a society, people pay attention to the problem of the elderly, but also more and more people began to pay attention to the growth of children.Playgroup is born with the trend.

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